Zia & Lee Hyun (8eight) – It’s Raining (비가 내려와)

On rainy days
I still think of you, how about you?
I remember waiting for the morning together
How about you?

We pretended not to be hurt
With words that shouldn’t have been said
Scratching each other and hurting each other

After breaking up like that
After all this time passed
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Loco & Yuju (GFRIEND) – Spring Is Gone By Chance (우연히 봄) Girl Who Sees Smell OST

It came to me like coincidence
I see the spring scent
You’re coming as well
From far away, your scent is coming
On the tip of my fluttering nose, on my lips
This good feeling, this trembling
Without knowing, spring came like coincidence

Suddenly, winter passed and now it’s spring
I’m still like stone in front of you
I still can’t believe this but
My left hand still has your scent
As it strangely flows so I can breathe
It’s different from being on stage, I avoid your eyes
I let out a sigh, seeing myself turn my head
I haven’t felt this in a while and it’s making me simple headed
Only you know this
I thought I fixed my stuttering but once again, I forget the words I practiced
I can’t say things that I can’t handle
Tell me what you want, I’ll do it for you
I can color everything else but you black
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