Shin Ji Soo (feat. SLEEQ) – Hey Jude

The unnis tell me
That your youth never comes back, so fast
That I shouldn’t regret after it all passes
Tonight, free, shine, world
Ohy my god

Everyone gather
Clash against each other
Turn on the light in my dark heart

My entire body is squirming, my entire body is itching, right ai aight
Because the world is a mirror ball that turns the way you want it to (feel that)

Now the only thing left is to play
Practice is over
It’s time to see, listen and feel
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Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah
Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

Why can’t you get it?
I don’t know why I’m telling you this

You softly smile and keep pestering me
Treating me like an other girl
Man don’t do that
I don’t wanna answer those kinds of questions, no way

How many times did you ask me today?
Baby stop
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