Niel (feat. V-Hawk) – Memory…

I think I’m a bit drunk today, saying things I don’t usually say, trying to smile
I’m swaying and walking, laughing like a crazy guy because I keep shedding tears
Baby, how was your day? Your voice that used to ask me
Your voice that used to say that love never changes

Goodbye now, meet someone better
You’re such a liar, when you said you liked me
Telling me to forget you and have a good life
With a cold voice that made this come to an end Continue reading Niel (feat. V-Hawk) – Memory…


Niel (Teen Top) feat. Juniel – Spring Love (심쿵)

Is it because this is the beginning? We keep getting mixed up
Something’s not going right, it’s the opposite of my heart
Can’t I check somehow? What is it that’s making my pounding heart tremble?

Whoever says it first, loses
What if it doesn’t work out? So embarrassing
Let’s see who wins

When I’m walking with you, I can hear my heartbeat
My footsteps go with that rhythm, gets faster and faster
What do I do? I like you so much
I hate myself for not being able to tell you these feelings Continue reading Niel (Teen Top) feat. Juniel – Spring Love (심쿵)

Bastarz (Block B) – Zero For Conduct (품행제로)

As you know we own it
So you should just quit
You can never imitate me, you’re just talentless practice bugs
Even my color is different, I gotta keep it one hunnit
That girl’s face is glowing, fallin

All you look like pretty boy gigilos, you look so outdated
While you all are still searching, I’ve got an abundant year
I’m not low, I’m so raw like a macho
This stage is my turf, so just keep watching

They really don’t know what’s cool
Look at their terrible body movements
Playing on stage without manners is the answer
Break it up ready go
From today on, it’s zero for conduct, zero for conduct
Everybody say yeah
There’s not a single normal day
I go here and there, I’m not nice, illali illaliya
From today on, it’s zero for conduct
I go here and there, I’m not nice, illali illaliya Continue reading Bastarz (Block B) – Zero For Conduct (품행제로)

EXID – Dangerous (아슬해)

It’s dangerous
It’s dangerous
It’s dangerous

You’re not talking these days (even when I approach you)
You keep pushing me away, as if I’m not even there
I pretended everything’s fine, tried ignoring it but
Everyday everyday everyday
I think I know

Yeah, we’ve come too far to argue what’s normal or abnormal
The road is getting narrower and now there’s nowhere to go
I’d rather have you push me off it
It’s like you want me to leave on my own
Even though I’m sitting on the edge, as if I’ll fall off
I’m still in your heart, even though I hate you Continue reading EXID – Dangerous (아슬해)