Bastarz (Block B) feat. Incredible – Sue Me (배째)

I’m a son of a bitch, famous for going crazy, cocker
My temper can’t be controlled easily
Filtering out songs that are like trash
I won’t rest, fuck comma

ADHD, I keep moving, SCV
You’re all appetizers, I’m the main dish
You’re like shrimp, I’ll peel and eat you up
I’m made from different material, cashmere Continue reading “Bastarz (Block B) feat. Incredible – Sue Me (배째)”


Bastarz (Block B) – Thief (도둑)

I can never hide it
Whatever you want, whenever it is, oh yeah I’ll get it
No one will know
Tonight, I will have you

Girl just stop
cuz imma come and take it (imma come and take it)
I’ll sofly walk over and in a blink of an eye
It’ll all be over
You won’t even know I took it

The moment I slightly pass by
I’ll make you so nervous tonight
Don’t make me think of something else
I’m coming for you (I’m coming for you) Continue reading “Bastarz (Block B) – Thief (도둑)”

Bastarz (Block B) – Charlie Chaplin

You’re so beautiful one girl
Lines like this that other homeboys say won’t work with you
Do you know, girl? I’m a boy who knows
Even if you want me right now, I won’t give you my number

I see what you focused on today
Your nail art matching your red lips
After giving you eye contact, I’ll listen to your talk
I hope the next morning won’t ever come

I wanna have the end of this night
I’ll fill you up, trust me baby
I won’t ask where we should go
I’ll naturally lead you, follow me
I can hear your heartbeat Continue reading “Bastarz (Block B) – Charlie Chaplin”


You held my hand and promised me a lie but it comforted me
I don’t care if they are obvious words
Just being together makes my heart tremble
I know this but I fall for your sweet lies when you say you love me

I can’t help it
All the things you say
Your lips that speak of love
I know but I can’t get out of it

You and I
The more time passes, the more mysterious it gets
Are we closer? Are we farther apart?
What are we?
You and I
We’re not growing apart or getting closer
Now the distance between you and me
I really don’t know Continue reading “EXID – 1M”