Bastarz (Block B) – Thief (도둑)

I can never hide it
Whatever you want, whenever it is, oh yeah I’ll get it
No one will know
Tonight, I will have you

Girl just stop
cuz imma come and take it (imma come and take it)
I’ll sofly walk over and in a blink of an eye
It’ll all be over
You won’t even know I took it

The moment I slightly pass by
I’ll make you so nervous tonight
Don’t make me think of something else
I’m coming for you (I’m coming for you) Continue reading “Bastarz (Block B) – Thief (도둑)”

Bastarz (Block B) – Charlie Chaplin

You’re so beautiful one girl
Lines like this that other homeboys say won’t work with you
Do you know, girl? I’m a boy who knows
Even if you want me right now, I won’t give you my number

I see what you focused on today
Your nail art matching your red lips
After giving you eye contact, I’ll listen to your talk
I hope the next morning won’t ever come

I wanna have the end of this night
I’ll fill you up, trust me baby
I won’t ask where we should go
I’ll naturally lead you, follow me
I can hear your heartbeat Continue reading “Bastarz (Block B) – Charlie Chaplin”


You held my hand and promised me a lie but it comforted me
I don’t care if they are obvious words
Just being together makes my heart tremble
I know this but I fall for your sweet lies when you say you love me

I can’t help it
All the things you say
Your lips that speak of love
I know but I can’t get out of it

You and I
The more time passes, the more mysterious it gets
Are we closer? Are we farther apart?
What are we?
You and I
We’re not growing apart or getting closer
Now the distance between you and me
I really don’t know Continue reading “EXID – 1M”