Gavy NJ (feat. Hipjob) – My Friend Saw You (친구가 널 봤대)

Everyone says they’re busy today
Even my friend who’s usually free
Wanna get dinner? Wanna get some coffee?
Why is everyone so busy?

Then my friend calls me
And we talk about this and that
She says she heard about my break up
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OH MY GIRL – Cupid

I see you coming
I’m shooting with all my heart
Now you’re gonna have a sweet, chewy dream
I’ve waited for today, justt for you

I see you
A little closer
I hear you
Don’t run away
Starting from tomorrow, you’ll keep thinking of me
Don’t be surprised, cupid shot him

Show me your fallen in love face
(Show me)
Everything looks different in just one night
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Kim Yoon Ah (feat. Olltii) – Lucid Dream (자각몽) Missing Noir M OST

One day, just one day, if only I could see you again
Farther, deeper, take me away, pull me

Your clearness and your sweet voice
They quietly embrace me
My smile that you used to like
Again falling falling falling again
I fall asleep

Like curtains closing, my eyes are closing, it gets dark
The emotional dam locks up with my falling tears
Enduring this suffocates me, even if I can see you for a moment
I know that everything is a dream Continue reading “Kim Yoon Ah (feat. Olltii) – Lucid Dream (자각몽) Missing Noir M OST”