The SeeYa – Wedding March (웨딩마치)

I remember when I cried without you
When I cried, longing for you
You said you loved me as you hugged me

I remember always being happy next to you
When we were so in love
I remember how we walked together

Fall in love
Do you know?
You were always by my side
We only looked at each other, we’re in love
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Tren-D – Attachment (정)

If you found another girl
If you wanna be alone
I could wait forever
For our love

I thought you really loved me
I thought you couldn’t live without me
I believed it like the sky
But you say you wanna break up now

What do I do with this remaining love?
What do I do with the memories?
When I miss you and tears fall
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Sunny (Girls’ Generation) & Rooftop House Studio – Heart Throbbing (심쿵주의보)

Good night, I said as I tried to be cool
I close my eyes but I can’t sleep at thoughts of you
This is the first time I’m feeling this
My L.O.V.E my L.O.V.E

This night is too long, let’s be together
I miss you

Even if I meet you for a short period of time
My day is too short
The sun is already setting and the moon is rising

I don’t wanna let you go even for a moment
I hate this dark night
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M & D (Jungmo of Trax & Heechul of Super Junior) – Close Ur Mouth (뭘봐)

Just Wait, stay still, it’s not that shocking, just smile
It’s no fun to say I’m leaving because I love you

(OK good) Want me to dance? (OK got it) Want me to spit out a rap?
(OK Good Choice Girl) Want some rock? I’ll just Get Off Get Off Get Off

(What’re you looking at) There’s a lot of girls who want me
(What’re you looking at) There’s no guys who want you
(What’re you looking at) This is the difference between me and you
But you still wanna go? That’s Great! Oh Bye Bye Bye

Just wait, you can’t catch me, you can try to slap me but you can’t reach
Put down your hand, don’t cry and just move out the way Continue reading M & D (Jungmo of Trax & Heechul of Super Junior) – Close Ur Mouth (뭘봐)