Dal Shabet – OK Boy

When you look at me, everyone disappears
Time stops and it’s just us two
Your careful touch shocks me
But it feels electric (boy)

Oh feel me, I feel like I could explode
Now catch me, hug me
Oh touch me, only look at me
I try stealing glances but I can’t take my eyes off you (K K OK boy)

I Fall in you I Fall in you woo woo woo woo woo
here is nobody, have me, Ma body
I Fall in you I Fall in you woo wo oh
Here (kiss) there (hug)
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Dal Shabet – I’m Not

I don’t wanna be your bad girl
Don’t make me look so easy
If even you are like this then oh oh oh

Mouths are starting to open
Whispering bad things
Everybody say, bad X
Everybody say, I’m done

It’s so frustrating, I’m becoming number to it
Confidently, I say no
Then my Katalk rings and the guy’s talk, asking if I have time

The duality of my thoughts and actions
But the importance is in the truth
You pretend to suck up to me
But you talk behind my back, two-faced Continue reading “Dal Shabet – I’m Not”