OH MY GIRL – Curious (궁금한걸요)

I picked an unknown flower
With dew from the early morning
I carefully asked it
If I am in his heart
I picked petal by petal of that yellow flower
Asking about his heart

He loves me, he loves me not, it’s so hard
It’s childish but I’m curious
He loves me, he loves me not
I get nervous when I run out of petals
But I’m curious

Late at night, I laid in bed
I called my friend and anxiously asked her
If I am in his heart
I ask each of his actions, about his heart Continue reading “OH MY GIRL – Curious (궁금한걸요)”

OH MY GIRL – Hot Summer Nights

wuh uh woo wuh uh uh
wuh uh woo wuh uh uh
moon light, under the blue sky moonlight
cool wind, the wind softly blows
you’re here, close to my side

This is our own summer night love yeah eh he eh
wuh woo wuh, it’s not that cold
wuh woo wuh but hold me

hot hot summer nights
I like your thumbs that caress my hands
hot hot summer breeze
I like your look that gazes at my eyes

wuh uh woo wuh uh uh
summer love
wuh uh woo wuh uh uh
summer love Continue reading “OH MY GIRL – Hot Summer Nights”

Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) – Heart-Breaking (아프다) Orange Marmalade OST

I thought I’d never love or say goodbye again
When I truly believed that
Things started changing one by one

Only the traces of me trying, only the memories remain
So it hurts
Those times hurt
Memories of you

I try swallowing my tears and crying again
But I can’t keep you out
But I can’t have you either
I can’t do anything Continue reading “Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) – Heart-Breaking (아프다) Orange Marmalade OST”

Lim Kim – Awoo

Are you flirting again?
You said you weren’t interested in guys
And I can tell right away
You fixed everything except your hands and feet

In front of him, you smile
But when you turn around, your face isn’t joking around
If you keep staring at the guy I like
Today will be different from yesterday

I’ll call you, pretending I misdialed
What are you doing right now? Are you sleeping? Are you out?
One drink, two drink, three drinks in
I’ll start shaking my hidden tail Continue reading “Lim Kim – Awoo”