Mr.Mr – You

Hey, Baby
The way you make me feel
I wish you were here with me

I didn’t know how to approach you
Your small, white face, your dazzling smile
I don’t think I could move my feet
Your laughter that still lingers in my ears, holds onto me

You, when you call my name
You, it always gave me strength
Baby yeah, I’m always thankful for your courage

You, you make me get up
You, with your two soft hands
Baby yeah, now lean on me and breathe Continue reading Mr.Mr – You


Mr.Mr – Finale

Oh Oh get out, get out,
Oh Oh get out, get out,
Oh Oh get out of my mind

This time I’ll tell the truth ooh yeah
Oh Just let her go
Now and I know it make you cry
Don’t ever let me go

Leave me now
I thought about it
But I don’t think it’s gonna work
You said
What you think

You said it was over
And like you were someone else
You changed into a stranger
You hurt me Continue reading Mr.Mr – Finale

Mr.Mr – She Is So Beautiful

Across the street
I see the pretty you, smiling shyly

When the light changes
I know I can’t see you again

It’s a very short moment but I can feel it already
My heart is beating toward you

I don’t wanna lose you, who resembles the clear sky

I wanna be with you
I will be courageous and go to you, I don’t wanna lose you
I wanna be with you
I can’t fall asleep at thoughts of you, I’m drawing out your face Continue reading Mr.Mr – She Is So Beautiful

Mr.Mr – Goodbye

yeh sorry my girl
just leave me alone baby

After trusting you, even when things were hard, I was going to step past it
I told myself not to erase the good memories once again
But I saw you holding hands and smiling with that guy under the streetlight
I read your face that I have never seen before and I’m getting farther apart

Why did you view love so easily?
You coldly turned around but your face in front of me is so shameless, you out

Trust me, trust me, trust me, don’t tell me that anymore
Not getting over you after I lost you and seeing you again
This is really the last time Continue reading Mr.Mr – Goodbye