Hong Jong Hyun & Jin Se Yeon – Only You Forever (평생 너만) Clash of the Families 2 OST

From now on, it’s forever
Always us two, forever
Let’s eat together, wake up together
And live together for a long time
Let’s walk together, forever
Let’s dream together, forever
Let’s smile a lot and hug each other a lot
Let’s have a pretty life

I still can’t believe that someone as dazzling as you is mine
I didn’t know these dream-like days would come to me
You are the most precious gift in this world
I will tell you that once a day Continue reading Hong Jong Hyun & Jin Se Yeon – Only You Forever (평생 너만) Clash of the Families 2 OST


Kisum, Lilcham, Jace, Bora (SISTAR), Adoonga – Feedback

Hey hey hey
Why are you talking about love already
It’s gonna take a long time to get to know me properly
People tell me that I’m either attractive or a sacrifice
But sadly, you’re still an innocent mutt
Why are you begging for my love already
If you think I’m the type to eat cooled porridge, wake up
There are so many guys like you hanging like wet laundry
If you wanna get me, change yourself, turn up

Guys don’t come into my eyes these days
My standards have gotten higher
It’s not my intention
Your swing wasn’t bad
But there are still too many batters left to give you a homerun
My wall is getting higher
If you want me to react
Keep provoking me
As much as you want me
Small and sparkling things
Are always expensive
I’m worth my value
Even if I’m a bit expensive Continue reading Kisum, Lilcham, Jace, Bora (SISTAR), Adoonga – Feedback

Jimin (AOA) & J.DON (N.Flying) – GOD

Calm eyes
breathtaking high heels
Temperature is 90
check out my ID
check out my profile
Sexy artist
yeah I am the hottest
I’m a butterfly cat to guys

I’m stepping backwards, more cutely
You can’t handle me, you’re a coward
Pretend to be innocent, you’re Peter Pan
You become a kid when you face me Continue reading Jimin (AOA) & J.DON (N.Flying) – GOD

A.cian – Driving

I finally see you, I found the one piece to my life’s puzzle
The engine that was turned off for a long time in my dusty and dull heart
I ignited it again for you
Just wave your hand, wherever you are, I’ll go to you in a second and let you ride my love
When will you turn on the green light to your closed heart?

The heart pounding engine sound, my burning eyes, my burning love, RPM
The person to brush back your long hair will be me, don’t be shy
Yes Oh oh oh oh, I’ll open the door, hop on in
Oh oh oh oh, I’ll go inside your heart
Oh oh oh oh, I tried acting strong but my heart’s fluttering
Driving driving driving toward you Continue reading A.cian – Driving