Buzz – If You’re A Man / Man Ramen (남자라면)

I think I’m falling for you
Suddenly, you filled up my heart
My feelings for you have gotten bigger
I might explode

Why are you doing this all of a sudden
You used to be so cold
But suddenly, you said something that made my heart pound
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Double Eight – Don’t Let Me Go

Yes, I was wrong
I know how you feel so bad
I know I only thought about myself
Now I realize

oh baby girl I can’t go on without you
Don’t leave me
oh baby girl, I’m sorry, now I know
my love my love in my love

I don’t wanna lose you
I never ever gonna say goodbye
Don’t let go of this hand
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Cupid – I Feel Good

Yeh~My girls (yeah~)
I feel so very good~!
Yeah ready uh uh
I feel good(good~good)
I’m so good(good~good)*2
i feel so very good

I can feel it right away, I’m getting goosebumps
I feel good for some reason today (I feel so good)
Hurry up, the day’s gonna be over at this rate
(No good)
Can’t waste a single minute or second (cuz tic and tic and tak)

Lights are flashing here and there
Put your body into the rhythm
Oh Yes Turn it Up Turn it Up oh uh oh
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