BTS – Intro: In The Mood For Love (Intro: 화양연화)

The rim looks farther away today
Sighs are building on top of the court
The boy is afraid of reality
But his heart is at peace only when he throws the ball
Throwing the ball by himself
What I’m shooting at the rim
Are my countless thoughts and worries
I pretend to know the world but my body is still not ready
Shoot, the court is my playground
With my movements, a small ball bounces next to my feet
The results are as low as the floor
But I just shout outloud to the world that everything’s gonna be alright
But the world gives me fear, then just stop
Thoughts fill my head and instead of the ball, I throw my future
Because of the other’s standard of success
My worries spread like cancer again, god damn it

Along with the thrown ball, laughter starts to spread
My breath rises to my chin, my dreams squirm about
The dribbles get faster, my heart gets happier
This moment feels like it’ll last forever but the sun is setting
When the night comes again, reality gets destroyed
When I snap out of it, I’m just a scared idiot again
I keep getting scared at the looming sense of reality
Others are running ahead but why am I still here?

Breathe or dream
Row the oars along with your heartbeat
If you are trapped in the other’s thin judgements
Then the sun will set on your life like a court

What am i doin’ with my life
This moment won’t ever come again
I’m asking myself again, am I happy right now?
The answer is already there, I’m happy

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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