A.cian – Just Leave (그냥 떠나가)

We’re too different anyway, we can’t be happy
We already know this, we know this so well
But still, we had hope and tried so much
But nothing changed for us

Now it’s time to let each other go
Today is the last day

Don’t hold onto me, it’s ok if you just leave
This break up was already decided, just turn around and go
Don’t cry, or else my heart will shake
I barely got it together but I’ll get weak so no, just leave
Just leave, just leave me, just leave Continue reading A.cian – Just Leave (그냥 떠나가)


A.cian – Mixed Up (삐끗 삐끗)

Even when I’m eating with you, I’m lonely
I feel alone, feel so alone
When I’m walking on the street, when we’re kissing, it feels awkward
We’re so mixed up
My head keeps hurting
I miss us from before, our love is over

Is it all over? Can’t I see you like you were before?
Does love change with the season? Our feelings have cooled, why?
You’re always distracted, you easily say you wanna break up
Stop trying to make it so obvious
Hey girl, you don’t know, you don’t know my frustration
Our love was like fire but now it’s slowly fade out
You used to feel like you were mine
But now you feel farther away, come back here Continue reading A.cian – Mixed Up (삐끗 삐끗)

Yoon Jong Shin (with Beenzino) – The Color

Satisfied yesterday, satisfied the day before yesterday, just satisfied
Is this the best I can do?
For perfect color
Pathetic explanations, poor excuses, shabby defenses
I’m gonna stop being so complicated, with perfect color

You don’t even have much
So why are you making a big deal
Now stop and focus on your own color
Just say color
Find perfect color yeah

The simplest
Wanna be the simplest
Wanna be the sim sim sim sim sim sim sim sim simplest Continue reading Yoon Jong Shin (with Beenzino) – The Color

Suki – One Chance (Unkind Women OST)

I said my sad goodbyes to you
If I let go of all my unorganized feelings
Will things get better?
It flows from my wet eyes, down my cheeks
My longing for you

One chance one night one love one you
Will you hold my trembling hands? I don’t care if it’s just one time
Because my heart is already uncontrollable
I’ll slowly let you go, I don’t have to try to push you away Continue reading Suki – One Chance (Unkind Women OST)