Monsta X (Kihyun & Jooheon) – Attracted Woman (끌리는 여자) Orange Marmalade OST

Hey girl
I don’t want to think about that
Just I love you
I’m curious about that girl over there
I can’t stop looking at her
When the wind blows, her hair flies around
It makes my heart stop

Oh baby, why am I like this? My heart feels strange
I can only think of you
If I felt like this before, I wouldn’t be confused
But I think this is love Continue reading “Monsta X (Kihyun & Jooheon) – Attracted Woman (끌리는 여자) Orange Marmalade OST”

Acourve – Honey (Girl Who Sees Smell OST)

I feel like my breath will stop
All day, when I have time, I look at your picture
I look this way and that way, I look here and there
But there’s no one prettier than you

When your scent passes my shoulders
I can’t hold it in, I want to hug you
I love you the most I’ve ever loved, you’re the most precious
Even if I throw everything else away, I’d choose y

Honey, honey, honey
When I see you, I wanna go far far away
To the ocean or wherever
I love you like this, do you know? Continue reading “Acourve – Honey (Girl Who Sees Smell OST)”