4men – You’re My Home (넌 나의 집)

When I’m struggling, you give me rest
You hug my tired shoulders
The one person
When everyone leaves me
You always stay in the same place
The only one, protecting me without change

The cool wind blows through the window
The comfortable bed and blankets
My lullaby in the dark night
It’s more like heaven than in my dreams
The most comfortable place
I don’t wanna leave you, you’re my home Continue reading “4men – You’re My Home (넌 나의 집)”


SPEED – What U

The start is all the same
Dig deep into your head
The sweetness will overflow
(I’m controlling all of you)
It’s strange, can’t talk
Unrighteous love emotion
That will be able to handle you
(Able To Handle Able To Handle)

Dizzy and out of breath (yeah)
This ecstasy, is it a dream? (is it a dream?)
Making me crazy, pulling me, making me fall into you Continue reading “SPEED – What U”

CLC – Lucky

I’ll show you my love always there for you
Oh my boy woo yeh

This is something that happens in normal stories
But oh my, this doesn’t make sense
Maybe it’s fate, you and I, more than anyone else
I wanna learn about love

I’ll take one step closer to you
Hold out my hand, entwine our fingers
I don’t ever wanna let go Continue reading “CLC – Lucky”

CLC – Hey-yo

Show me what you want, who do you want?
I’m No.1 out of all the hot girls around you
Our chemistry explodes, only you & me
My heart is burning up eh eh eh eh eh

My sharp jawline, my cutting edge nose
My waist, legs, my fatal hip line
Why are you the only one who doesn’t know? Stop playing dumb
Give me your cheek, you know, the special compliment

Tell me I need you I need u by my side
Tell me I need you, it’s so frustrating with us
Love me, I’ll only look at you, when you call me, call me
Honey, baby, darling and my boo Continue reading “CLC – Hey-yo”