J’Kyun (feat. Jooheon of Monsta X, Konsoul) – Bad X (나쁜 X)

So many bastards with no skill over here
They can try as hard as they want but they’re just an entourage
Can I laugh at them? Ha you suck bastards
Stop pretending to be dope, you fucking X
Good job, now take a break

Stop pretending to be tough in front of me
Who drives a foreign car these days?
I drive an Avante
Oh shit, a domestic car?
I’m the criminal who blurred the scenes
Mad hate, mad hate
Your style sucks, please go away
Hashtag, hashtag, emoticon
So many losers these days, right?
So many trainees these days, agree?
Who’s gonna take care of this atmosphere that they messed up?
Lucky J leader, Kyunnie oppa, operation
Those who disrespected art
You’re probably gonna get executed
All these insects arguing over qualifications, oh man
I don’t care about any of it
I’m a son of a bitch who’s got it, success casted me
Skills times money makes a killer recipe
I stole the flow, flow fantastic
It’s time for testing testing
How many times do I have to tell you fool
No, you can’t find a bastard like me
Go away, your loserness is rubbing off on me
I’m already flying, look in the mirror
Everyone dies
But not everyone truly lives
You say

Bad X
Fucking shit, I’m killing it, bad X
Oh shit, this bad X
Move slow and Killin’ nice

Yeah I’m a bad bastard
I’m a busy bastard
A young bastard
Showing off his sex appeal to girls
I never miss a meal and I even have time to flirt
If you’re jealous just follow me, yo check it
i’m a nasty nasty nasty boy
Throw your hands in the air, whether it’s a white flag or blue
Whether you’re a criminal, just get turned up
Kyunnie hyung is a bad X
Because wherever he goes, he went up (in the house baby)
I’m a bad X too, I’m a rookie but I already took off
I freshened up fearlessly on top of a stage
I’m a rude bastard
Joohunnie, 1 hunnit, give and take
Stop comparing you bastards
I’m all grown up now, it’s no use, ha

My lyrics are all X
All crossed with a red line X
muthafucker i don’t care bout that
when i die, I’ll put on black on black
Enemies all around me, fuck
They’re all pussies
I’m just getting stressed
Stop pretending, I’m just being me
Now I’m used to it, they’re just empty
I know that I’m a bad guy
I’m an even worse guy than you talk about
So just shut up and bring me the money
You’re not above me
You have no manners
Wait, why should I?
Every night, those bastards don’t have any
Every day, I’m the same, staying up all night
Whether it’s true or not, whatever you say
Just take it all, my words
I am that person you know
I’m playing above your heads, mod

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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