VIXXLR (Leo Solo) – Words To Say (할 말)

Today, I have something to tell you
Something I couldn’t tell you before

I was happy even though I didn’t smile much
It was at least a precious memory for me

In case you grew far away, in case you disappeared
I pretended not to see and closed my eyes
You were in love with someone else
But I just wanted you to stay by my side

Day by day, you grew farther away
Then you left but I still have things to say
So I’m hotly calling out to you

You were more beautiful than anyone else
It hurts that I can’t even hold you in my arms

I’ll be okay, I’ll grow indifferent
It’ll just pass
It’s alright, because I love you more
I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t me

Look at me
Even sleeping and breathing is hard

I won’t ask anymore
I won’t hope anymore
Thank you
I won’t forget anything

I’ll try getting over you day by day
It’ll be obvious, it’ll hurt
But still, thank you

I’m waving goodbye to you
Let’s not cry again, let’s not hold onto each other
The more I tell myself that
It hurts, it hurts

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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