Die-A Project – Walk Over (걸어와)

Sometimes, you’ll want to just sit down
In that alley where the light disappeared
It feels like you’ve lost your way
Then just close your eyes
After you open them, you’ll see everything

Anyone can start but not anyone can meet me
Even if all the roads are different
Everyone is walking towards me
don’t stop don’t give up
can’t stop, going, have some strength

Some day, when you look back
When no one is by your side
Don’t be sad
I’m waiting for you with a present for you
You can’t even imagine

Even if it rains and you slip
Even if the white fog blocks you
don’t stop don’t give up can’t stop, going, hurry and run over here

At the end of this maze-like road
Picture me, smiling
Don’t give up here
I’m waiting for you, if you come here, everything is different

I feel that you come close to me
but you don’t know how come to me

I see you over there, your light is getting brighter from the corner
I’ve been waiting for this day
I’ll hug you with all my heart

Hard days are over, I’ll protect you now
Just show me your smile
I’m happy, thank you for coming to the end of this hard road
I promise stay with you forever

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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