NCT 127 – Angel

(It’s too much) It’s too much, your white legs
It’s too much, your red lips
Un Bel Viso, all of you
Makes me imagine an image of an angel
Only mine, you got to be mine
I can’t open my eyes. Do you see me?
None of the beautiful words that exist
Can explain you
You got it Continue reading NCT 127 – Angel


NCT 127 – Baby Don’t Like It (나쁜 짓)

is it me or are you doing something to me?
When you smile, it’s shining
But for some reason, you’re lying inside
Dangerously, you’re beautiful
You slowly came to me, my dilemma Continue reading NCT 127 – Baby Don’t Like It (나쁜 짓)

NCT 127 – Back 2 U (AM 01:27)

I barely fell asleep late at night
But the ringing sound wakes me up
Now I’m so used to your calls
Should I pick up or not
I keep thinking it through
Hesitating for a while
Then I tell myself this is the last time
As I press the button
Your crying voice
Shakes me up again (because it pains my heart) Continue reading NCT 127 – Back 2 U (AM 01:27)