Jung Seung Hwan – The Voice (목소리)

There are many days
When I walk with my head down low
The sky has tilted
I can only smell winter

Some day, you told me
Like the blue dawn
You want to be a song
That can be colored however you want Continue reading Jung Seung Hwan – The Voice (목소리)


Mamamoo – I Love Too (놓지 않을게)

Not being as caring after time has passed
Giving each other scars because of being comfortable
I hope that won’t happen to us
Let’s send it far away into space, ok?
You just smiled, right?

When you smile, I like it too
What other words are needed?
Wherever I go, at the thought of you
I feel safe today
If there is one thing that grows is my greed
I hope you won’t ever go far away Continue reading Mamamoo – I Love Too (놓지 않을게)