JungKey (ft. Hwi In of Mamamoo) – Anymore (부담이 돼)

I have nothing else to say
No other reason or excuse
I know it’s meaningless
But the end is always like that

Don’t ask me anymore
Don’t ask me since when
I don’t know why but
Everything from when we were together
Shows that things were hard Continue reading JungKey (ft. Hwi In of Mamamoo) – Anymore (부담이 돼)


Romeo – Without You (니가 없는데)

Check it check it out
ROMEO is back

It did feel weird, I couldn’t get ahold of you
You don’t know how anxious I feel
I love you so much
I don’t wanna lose you
I wanna stay with you until always
Your soft lips
Your eyes
I miss them every day Continue reading Romeo – Without You (니가 없는데)