HIGH4 – Last Summer (네가 없을 뿐인데)

Hey I’ve been
having a hard time but
there’s something
I wanna let you know
so listen

Words I told you hundreds of times
So words that are the most common in the world
I love you, I love you, I can’t live without you
We were so bright, I couldn’t see our breakup
We were so sure but
Where did we go?
I’ve been calling you, saying I miss you
But there’s no answer Continue reading HIGH4 – Last Summer (네가 없을 뿐인데)


HIGH4 – Pray (기도해)

The moment I open my eyes, I close them again
A world where I can’t see you is like tears
I’m walking through white memories
Calling out to you
See, if you’re not here
I’m like a crazy person Continue reading HIGH4 – Pray (기도해)