Dok2 – WTF (who the fuck)

Im an illy motha fucka
Put away your worries about me
You may know me but I don’t know you
Yea, who you?
Your mouth smells like shit
Lock it up Continue reading Dok2 – WTF (who the fuck)


Dok2 – Hiphop Lover

I was nothin but a
hip-hop kid Hip-hop lover
My future and dreams were hazy
But I just walked anyway
I was nine years old
I should’ve liked playing video games
But I sold the PlayStation that my aunt bought me
To buy audios to put in my room
That’s what I liked
With a $10 mic, stayed up all night rapping to Drunken Tiger and 1tym
Recording myself on a cassette tape
Sending them to Seoul like I gotta get paid
Bought size 38 hip hop pants
Towels and durags, always made it obvious I did hip hop
Lips always out like I’m mad, eyes always open small
Putting lines in my hair with Nas’ picture in front of me
I didn’t care who was in front of me, I was rhymin
After 20 years, even now, I’m always the same
This might sound immature
But I know my heart for hiphop hasn’t changed Continue reading Dok2 – Hiphop Lover