Hyun Jin Joo – Beautiful Story (아름다운 이야기) Radiant Office OST

The fairy tale that I’ve always dreamed of when I was a child
I feel like it’s coming true before my eyes

Every time I take a step
I can see that fairy tale
I can feel it, it’s such a relief

Like this beautiful story
Like the main character of it
I always pretended to smile, pretended to be happy

Now just like that beautiful story
I want to fill up the last page of my life
I’m gonna send it off, send it off with a smile
Goodbye now

Looking at that place again today in reality
Dazzling like a fairy tale, clearly
It’s coming to me

I wish everything would stop
I don’t wanna wake from this dream
I’m holding on, without being able to let go
Blankly standing there


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