A$AP TyY, C Jamm, BewhY – LIKE ME


(we going overseas with this one)

Body getting weak,
I barely can even sleep
(hold on, too much pills)
Still feel like I’m elite
Still on my grind
Fucked up, niggas
said it take some time
(Hold on speed it up)
(woo woo woo) Continue reading A$AP TyY, C Jamm, BewhY – LIKE ME


Kisum (ft. Gilgu Bongu) – Sleep Tight (잘자)

You worked hard today
Weren’t you tired all day?
Work is hard, people push you around
When I see you, I feel like it’s hard too
Your back is hurting even more today
I’ll give you a massage so wash up and lay down
I heat up the bed for you, lay down and relax
Match my breathing and take a deep breath Continue reading Kisum (ft. Gilgu Bongu) – Sleep Tight (잘자)


Hyolyn & Changmo – Blue Moon

I hope you realize soon
Tell me you can’t live without me
I try to break it apart
But this deep and sad dream keeps repeating
Caress my head and tell me it’s okay Continue reading Hyolyn & Changmo – Blue Moon


Baekhyun (EXO) – Take You Home (바래다줄게)

I know, even when you act like nothing’s wrong
I know that you’re waiting
In your eyes that try to smile, there is sadness
But I can’t do anything about it
I can feel it Continue reading Baekhyun (EXO) – Take You Home (바래다줄게)