Yezi – Anck Su Namun (아낙수나문)

Obliviate Nina ma ta ta
“She’s a bitch
She only cares about herself”
Ignoring you cuz I’m doing well?
Yeah, that’s me too
How is the answer you got
From choking me?
You like it?
Even so, you can’t be above me
If I don’t wanna do it, I don’t have to
You know what I’m saying?
It’s no big deal to me
What do you wanna say, say what you wanna say
Why are you grinding your teeth?
I rap fast, I can rap
But everyone can hear it
Running out of breath by reading lyrics
That’s not me, that’s you
Only you’re being irritated

Bow your head down
I’m the queen
Come and kiss up on my feet
Shut yo mouth
and just follow me follow me
Every single word I say
You take it and twist it
I’ll give you a simple answer
You all picked the wrong girl
You’ll regret treating me that way
Imma show you be warned
Now abracadabra
I’ll shout out the next, reparo
You know what it is? It’s a spell for you
Please come true, bratata

When I was young
Ever since I was younger
I never cared about the size of the stage
I always lit it on fire
What did I do wrong?
I still haven’t found the answer
But what I’m sure of is
The hits and violence for no reason
Has made me who I am today
Came from the bottom
Yea, yea, started from the bottom
I’ve never earned something easily
Even my mean personality that I earned later on
I realized early on, I don’t care about being the main character
I just wanna be the villain
I’ll be the bib to catch all the criticism
But I’ll live how I want
And ignore the rest


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