U Ji – Drawing A Star (별 그림) Because This Is My First Life OST

All day, I think of you
All day, back and forth
I count the endless stars

Without time to rest
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Gary – Worry (고민)

Just cuz I carry a bag and leave
Doesn’t mean it’s a vacation
The moment I leave the house
A different life spreads before me
Like the weather that’s never the same each day
It’s life or death
This intense world makes me live hard again today
Someone makes this much, someone did this
Instead of sticking me onto someone else’s life
I’m just living my own way
That’s better for me
Con artists are always lurking somewhere
Hotshots are always condescending
That’s life, I guess
Determined, I became a player too
I won’t waste energy on uselessly tiresome things
Seeing how I lived so far
It’s all a similar pattern
So enjoy the flow, don’t worry
Right now, feel the nature and the scent of the city
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