Kim Kyu Jong – Window (창문)

Like a piece of dust
That can fly away with the slightest of winds
Don’t try to make conclusions or guess
That’s not it

Like the flower petals that will fall some day
Will things become lighter?
If you think that way, you’re wrong

I’ll be brave
So if you give me a chance
I’ll softly go without rushing
Like the wind that enters
Between the slightly opened window
All day, I only think of you

You and me, just us two
As we face the wind
Walking right now
It’s so nice

I’ll look forward to it
Things that I dreamed of
After the rain passed
Through the open window
Like the rainbow
I hope you will come to me

I like you a lot
In my diary
Only your name is filled
All of my days
Are changing because of you

I’m so obviously
Only looking at you
Anyone can see that I like you
Only you don’t know
I don’t wanna be just friends
The more I get to know you
The more I like you


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