DIA – Eye Contact

All day, you linger near me
Calling me, acting like you’re just a friend
No Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Stop playing games with me

I go to see you with a short skirt
With high heels and I even act cute but
No Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
You don’t know my heart
Boy Don’t Care
What other people say or think
Please Don’t Care
I don’t want to care about that anymore Continue reading DIA – Eye Contact


UP10TION – Come Back To Me (그대 내게 다시)

Give me a chance to explain
I’m always ready to accept you
Whenever you come,
I miss you so please come back
Girl, I love you

Again today, I’m staying up all night thinking of you
My puffy eyes are welled up with tears
Memories inside those tears
Each one makes me so sad Continue reading UP10TION – Come Back To Me (그대 내게 다시)