BTOB – My Lady

The sound of my heart is getting smaller
Dust covers all the happy moments
What did I expect?
Even the moment we broke up
It was a lot sillier than I thought

My lady, yes, My lady
It’s like a miracle to me
Like a flower twisted by the early morning dew
Like a sand castle crumbled by the waves
What to do with you, who is leaving?
You are disappearing so easily Continue reading BTOB – My Lady


Highlight – Love Like This

I can softly hear your voice
I slowly feel your scent
I can’t hide my feelings

Your lips shine through the darkness
Your eyes are so beautiful
You look different, I keep staring at you

Don’t think strangely, don’t look at me like that
I just want your heart
Save me baby
From this place Continue reading Highlight – Love Like This

Highlight – Take On Me

Times without you
Have absolutely no meaning to me
Every day, I imagine
A world with only us two

From that place, nobody can touch
It’s only ours, all day
Forever swimming inside
I hope I can dream with you

Let’s escape the world
That tries to separate us
Let’s runaway, runaway
Run away from this place with me oh baby Continue reading Highlight – Take On Me