EXID (Hyelin Solo) – Foolish (서툰 이별)

Even after a day passes
Nothing changed
Only you’re not here

I’m just quietly here
Laying in the dark
Not able to do or say anything
Like a fool Continue reading EXID (Hyelin Solo) – Foolish (서툰 이별)


EXID (LE x Hani) – Weeknd

Yes I know, I know what you want
But I can’t do anything
I don’t like this either
I can be impatient, but it’s not time yet
Cause today is

On a boring, ordinary day
And you say, I miss you, I miss you
Let’s wait and see each other on the weekend
Before, I always used to get angry but
I don’t wanna be like that
No I don’t wanna be like that girl Continue reading EXID (LE x Hani) – Weeknd