Monday Kiz & Kim Bo Kyung – Farewell Gift (이별선물)

I’m sorry, you must have been really bored
I used to criticize you for being late all the time
But today, I’m the late one

I was so busy since I woke up this morning
I did my makeup
And my hair too

Are you alright? How are you today?
I know it’s awkward, but will you look at me?
I used to only wear jeans and comfortable clothes
But I went through my entire closet today

The day we break up
I wanted to show you
Because you won’t ever see me again

White dress, high heels
This is the image you wanted
This is my last gift to you

I’m glad I dressed up today
So I can look good
Standing next to you, who is so pretty

I didn’t know
That I would think about our happiest days
And see you how I always imagined
As we break up

So you won’t struggle
I should be more cruel and cold
I should

The day we break up
Something’s wrong
I keep saying things I don’t mean

They say even if you’re sad, don’t cry
Even if you want to hold on, let them go
This isn’t right
What should I do?

I’m biting my lips
Looking at the sky
Smiling as I look at you again

So our break up won’t be too hard
So the last time will remain beautiful
Please be happy


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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