Takada Kenta – You’re Pretty (넌 예뻐) Love Returns OST

You’re pretty, your eyes that look at me
You’re pretty, your high-bridged nose
You’re pretty, your cherry lips
You’re pretty, your soft chin

But more than anything else
Your angelic heart is so pretty Continue reading Takada Kenta – You’re Pretty (넌 예뻐) Love Returns OST


Minchae – Another Me (Black OST)

Am I right to hold on
Somewhere deep, hide forever
Or run away somehow
Somewhere deep, can you see

Even when heart is moving on
You’re gone and turned into
Remember how
You made my world
Forever snowfall Continue reading Minchae – Another Me (Black OST)

Hanhae (ft. Hani) – Eyes (보는 눈)

My standards are changing

From high heels
To flats
Rather than thick makeup
Natural beauty
My tastes are changing to you
Even when I’m eating
I like things lined up

From Garosugil
To the Seoul Arts Center
As much as our dates have changed
I’m falling into your heart
From Frank Ocean
To Brahms Symphony
Of course you always liked r&b Continue reading Hanhae (ft. Hani) – Eyes (보는 눈)