Bae In Hyuk – Suddenly Missing You (문득 그립다) Borg Mom OST

Today, I suddenly miss it
The grass bugs moving far away
The blowing wind over my head
I keep missing it
My mom’s lullaby that I forgot
Her touch that put me to sleep
I keep thinking about it
The old dreams that have become clear Continue reading “Bae In Hyuk – Suddenly Missing You (문득 그립다) Borg Mom OST”


BP RANIA – Look At Me (Happy Sisters OST)

I told you not to look at anyone else
If you go too far, there might not be a chance
(look at me, look at me)
I told you not to give your heart, don’t make me nervous
I don’t want that kind of love
(look at me, feel my heart)

I’m going crazy every day
Because of my frustration with you
(oh Baby, You Crazy take it take it change)
Don’t ruin everything, let’s start again
(Baby, take it take it heart) Continue reading “BP RANIA – Look At Me (Happy Sisters OST)”