Dok2 ft. Kim Hyo Eun – Thumb Part 2 (엄지손가락 2)

Time goes fast, even this long day
Will be forgotten once tomorrow comes
I was going with the flow and suddenly
Times I’ve lived without much thought became times of my childhood
When my father’s thumb was the size of my palm
Seems like yesterday but now I’m building a house for them
I can’t just space out so I’m running without rest
I was running and I’m already 30
I heard my first love was getting married
So I uncomfortably congratulated them and wished them all the happiness
Time has passed that much and I’m looking back
It surprises me as I’m alone in my room, looking out at the highway
Seeing if the sun rises again outside the studio’s window
I hope tomorrow will be like today, as I let go of these times
Letting go of these times, word life

I didn’t know back then, I just hated my father
As time goes by, I feel the weight on his shoulders
Before it’s too late, I wanna let him listen to this song
That might be better than opening up my heart
I didn’t want to resemble him
I thought my dreams came true
I told myself, I wouldn’t live without any strength like him
On top of debt, drunk on the streets
Making my mother cry
Hard to easily forget the past
Thanks to the success that I don’t even count as success
There were times when I pitied my father
He misses his son who is so far away and he calls him every day
The clock hands look pointier to me
But still, everything is so new
I’ll look back and regret and be miserable
So I take it out, the attachment that I always hid

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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