Soyeon (LABOUM) – Cosmic Girl (Jugglers OST)

The higher my standards get
The bigger my pride gets, it’s not good
It’s getting worse and worse
Even when I wear flats
It’s like I’m wearing high heels
I’m so full of confidence Continue reading “Soyeon (LABOUM) – Cosmic Girl (Jugglers OST)”


Jungkey (ft. Yuju of GFRIEND) – First Love (첫사랑)

I woke up from the alarm
That rang early in the morning
It’s become a habit
To start my day by thinking of you
I wonder how you feel
I think of you so many times a day
Even today

Even when I’m busy
I wait for your call
When someone says something
I think about you
Even when I feel nervous
Tired and lonely
I still think of you, again today Continue reading “Jungkey (ft. Yuju of GFRIEND) – First Love (첫사랑)”