Soyou – 7 (일곱살)

I’m gonna be pretty
So I am presentable even without makeup

I’m gonna be a flower in this world
I’ll bloom more yellow than yesterday

It resembled you
So I secretly held my hand against the star
I grasped it
Moments that I looked back on
I really like them
Late nights that used to feel so indifferent Continue reading “Soyou – 7 (일곱살)”


Soyou – We Need Warmth (온기가 필요해)

All day, my heart faces a faraway place
The orange-like sun sets from the tip of the sky

At some point, the passion in my life had disappeared
Every day, there’s a reflection of my tired self in the mirror

I need a place to rest

If only someone knew how I felt
Or the words I couldn’t say to anyone
Everyone is busy and has left
I’m just standing here Continue reading “Soyou – We Need Warmth (온기가 필요해)”


I can’t stop it
Like rain that falls all night
Memories swarm up inside of me, you know

I can’t take it anymore
In this dangerous time
The moment my feet reach
Just break down

I try to escape this broken place
But I can’t escape from these thoughts
Inside this emptiness that swallows me up
I’m silently chasing you Continue reading “B.A.P – THINK HOLE”