Soyou – 7 (일곱살)

I’m gonna be pretty
So I am presentable even without makeup

I’m gonna be a flower in this world
I’ll bloom more yellow than yesterday

It resembled you
So I secretly held my hand against the star
I grasped it
Moments that I looked back on
I really like them
Late nights that used to feel so indifferent Continue reading Soyou – 7 (일곱살)


Soyou – We Need Warmth (온기가 필요해)

All day, my heart faces a faraway place
The orange-like sun sets from the tip of the sky

At some point, the passion in my life had disappeared
Every day, there’s a reflection of my tired self in the mirror

I need a place to rest

If only someone knew how I felt
Or the words I couldn’t say to anyone
Everyone is busy and has left
I’m just standing here Continue reading Soyou – We Need Warmth (온기가 필요해)

Soyou – Still The One (좋은 사람)

Another day passes without much thought
No time to even be tired as I walk
I forget that I’m tired
As I start comparing you with others
Although I’m sure you’ll blame yourself

You’re so precious
Just by being next to you
It was so warm
Even if you say you’re not sure
You’re such a good person Continue reading Soyou – Still The One (좋은 사람)