Soyou – Grown Up (너에게 배웠어)

I learned so much
While I was with you
About when I look pretty

About when I get angry
About when I get jealous
About how to kiss and make up

I slowly learned
How things change
Love that seemed like it would never cool

It was no one’s fault
Like a chemistry experiment
Just one drop caused the dullness to spread

I learned from you
How much my love kept circling around you
Not able to fall out, always crying
You taught me, who was in a maze

You were the best I had, you showed me everything
The sweet and electric start
We were burning up but our end was tiresome
You made all of me

I think I can do a good job now
So even if I meet someone like you
I won’t make memories that are hard to forget
It’ll be like a problem on an exam that I won’t get wrong

I learned from you
How much it hurts
Your voice, even your name
Cuts into me like a formula
So hard to throw it away, to stop it

I’ll leave now, just like I’m graduating
As if now I truly became an adult
I’ll find myself and leave
As I make all of me

My heart is more important
I learned from you

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