N.Flying – Just One Day (딱 하루만)

Alright ay, I don’t know how far we’ll go
I don’t even know if this is the right thing to do
Such a funny situation
Now it’s going along just fine without me

Do things change just because you frown?
There are plenty of things that won’t work even if I try
In this long time that goes round and round
Your face keeps flickering Continue reading N.Flying – Just One Day (딱 하루만)


N.Flying – Can’t Be Better (이보다 좋을까)

You know everything, don’t know why
What face I’m gonna make
Maybe you can see right through me
I don’t know why I’m acting so cold
I like you so much
But in front of you, I become like Olaf
Don’t come too quickly, will be stupid

Your warm smile
As if it calls out to me
Makes my heart flutter Continue reading N.Flying – Can’t Be Better (이보다 좋을까)

N.Flying – Crossroad (골목길에서)

It’s really cold these days
The scent of early spring from whenever I saw you has gotten less now
This street smelled like you like a habit
Now it’s covered with the smell of winter
My heart is lighter now
I used to say so easily, like a habit
That I couldn’t live without you
But now that you’re not here, I feel this temperature
You sounded like you’d be back really soon
As you held my hand and told me
Not to go (not to go)
Yeah, you can hate me
I’m such a fool, now I miss you
On this crossroad where nothing changed Continue reading N.Flying – Crossroad (골목길에서)