Kim Kyu Jong – Spring To Winter (봄 TO 겨울)

You were so pretty that you dazzled
So much that you stole his heart
He was sure of it, he was cool too
He shined too

Nights of worrying
Messy feelings, I cleaned them all out
I said it was for the better
Acting like an adult
As I lied

In spring when the scented flowers bloom
In summer, hot under the sun
In fall, where green leaves start to fall
In winter when the snowflakes blossom
To me, all four seasons is you

There was a time when I thought
I would feel better
If there was someone to protect you
Even though I didn’t mean it

Twinkling stars in the night sky
Even the late night air on my way back home
There’s no reason for me not to think of you
I’m so filled with you

Everything goes back in place, I’m dreaming of being in your arms
I’m turning time back to the dazzling days of you and me

Times that sparkled like gems
I get teary when I think of them
And my heart beats so loud I can hear it

One Reply to “Kim Kyu Jong – Spring To Winter (봄 TO 겨울)”

  1. Could you translate his new song “A season like you”, please? 🙂 It has not MV but you can find it on Dingo Music or Naver 🙂 Thanks 🙂


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