Voisper – Missing U (꺼내보면)

Missing U
Oh My love is U
Even if you live in my memories, My love

When the wind gets cold like this
Times we held each other’s cold hands
And tried to melt them
Keep coming up faraway at night
I keep remember that warm winter Continue reading Voisper – Missing U (꺼내보면)


Block B – Don’t Leave (떠나지마요)

I thought the butterflies were hiding somewhere
I thought my emotions grew dull
But when I look back
It was a misunderstanding (again)

The way you expressed yourself
I thought it was too much
But now I miss it Continue reading Block B – Don’t Leave (떠나지마요)

Stray Kids – Beware (Grrr 총량의 법칙)

Law of total madness

Grrr, my mind is a mess
Even if I’m like a violent ant
I don’t care, I’ll bark with anger
Leaving behind anyone who doesn’t understand

Whether people view me in a good or bad light
It all feels uncomfortable, my frustration level is serious right now
In between mood swings, I’m at war with myself
Adult interference makes me even more restless Continue reading Stray Kids – Beware (Grrr 총량의 법칙)