Kwon Young Jo – Kiss (Shut Up And Smash OST)

You probably don’t know
What happened to me yesterday
(Tell me)
A woman with long black hair and red shoes
Came to me
Grabbed my arm and asked if I had some time Continue reading “Kwon Young Jo – Kiss (Shut Up And Smash OST)”


Woo Eun Mi – The Day I Dream Of (내가 그러던 그날) Love Returns OST

Sometimes, I get tired too
The always same days
Makes me space out and wanna sit down
Even when I’m walking, I have no strength
I’m sure everyone’s the same
With their struggles
But think of the day you’ll put on your wings
You’ll know once time passes
Not everything can be good
Each thing was precious because it made you who you are
For the days that you dreamed of Continue reading “Woo Eun Mi – The Day I Dream Of (내가 그러던 그날) Love Returns OST”