Hoya – Angel

Her smudged red lipstick
Her messed up hair, yeah
Don’t need to tell me what she wants
Cuz she’s mine she’s mine yeah

I’ll make it rain rain rain yeah
I waited every single day for you
I wanna know you, all your hidden secrets
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Your voice that calls my name makes my heart drop
From some point, I started to talk just like you
I can figure it all out, once I hold your hand
Once I hold your hand
You know

I don’t know how I can withstand you
Even I’m shocked over how I’m being, it’s true
My feet won’t listen and keeps following you Continue reading “NCT 127 – TOUCH”


World, there’s a secret in this place
shimmy shimmy
Closeness is like a mask-like gimmick
give me give me
We believe in something that can’t be touched
Woo, you know this too
We know this too, woo

What I’m closer to is (wild)
A wall that is greater than this sound
You wild
I can’t take it anymore
Woo, I’ll break it down
Woo, I’ll break it down
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