Shin Yong Jae ft. Heize – Beautiful (아름다운)

Your beautiful eyes look a bit different today
Your beautiful voice sounds like it’s trembling

With words that seems like you couldn’t say for a while
You shed cowardly tears Continue reading “Shin Yong Jae ft. Heize – Beautiful (아름다운)”




Wanna go to the movies? Matinee
If you wanna, I’ll go go (go go)
She replies with a “kk” (She says, “Yes”)
Two tickets are like the lotto
Don’t put on makeup, I’m full
If you get any prettier, call an ambulance
Honeybee, honeybees will gather
But the only one who has a flower
That’s you, you woo wee
You’re my religion
All week, every day, if only I could accept you into my heart
Every day would be Sunday woo wee Continue reading “WINNER – EVERYDAY”