Air ManGirl – To Me (나에게) A Poem A Day OST Part 11

I can’t move
Why do I keep blaming myself and getting sad
And shedding tears?

Am I still scared?
I know with my heart and with my head
But every time I try to get closer, my hopes get farther away
I just can’t see the end

I have a lot of worries
Only being so cautious
Whatever I do, I just can’t succeed
Am I lacking too much?
I’m here again today, with not much strength
Letting out a sigh from the emptiness
As I look at the sky

Everyone goes through this
But it feels like I’m the only one crying and struggling
I could’ve said it’s alright and comforted myself
But I was too hard on myself

I’m sure it was hard
To the point of tears
But I ignored myself
I didn’t look back
Lost so many things because I had to look forward
I couldn’t embrace myself

From one step behind
I was crying
But I’m taking a moment to say
Good job
You did such a good job

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