Monsta X – Special

Yeah ho! I feel good when I feel you
Yeah ho! I feel good when I feel you
Yeah ho, yeah ho

Everything will happen as I want
Throw away all worries, shimmy shimmy ya
In this world, it’s only you and me
We only need two words
She me she me ya
Oh she!
I like it when she grooves on me
No need to worry, this is enough
It overflows and even comes to me
Hol’ up hol’ up hol’ up
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Monsta X – If Only

I know, if it’s not now
I’m gonna become an old person
With closed eyes and slowed breath
I’ll be trapped in infinity without resistance

Birds, fly over
So I can take a step closer to you
Make a bridge between us
It’ll hurt and hurt a lot
I’ll miss you and miss you a lot
I don’t wanna hurt you Continue reading Monsta X – If Only

Monsta X – Lost In The Dream

La la la la la La la la la la

When morning comes, you disappear every time
I pray every day (that this isn’t a dream)
That when we fall asleep again (that you’ll come into my arms)
I know it’s a dream but I can’t come out of it
Even if it’s an illusion (you’re beautiful)
Even if it’s your shadow (I want you) Continue reading Monsta X – Lost In The Dream