Kim Sung Ri – Words I Say To Myself (나에게 하는 말) A Poem A Day OST Part 15

On a dark street, as the cold wind passes
Between the dark streetlights, I’m walking alone

Dragging my heavy legs
I barely climbed up the stairs
On this exhausted and late night
I looked back

The brightly rising moon
Was shining on the street I took
It was protecting me when I was alone

Due to each unchanging day
I was getting slowly tired
But the moon has something to say to me
Lean on the night sky and take a break

Tears flowing through your fingers
You don’t have to hide it
In the end, everything will be alright
Some day, you will smile again

When I was going up a steep road
You protected me
From a distance
You looked at me

I remember the light that stayed with me today

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