Savina & Drones – Will You Hold Me (안아줄래) Mistress OST Part 1

Will you just hold me tight?
Will you just quietly comfort me?
Because I don’t care whether or not you know my heart

If you’re worried about me, will you just believe in me?
If you love me, will you just listen?
To me, who can’t be explained even with a thousand words?

So many things are said, the world is so noisy again today
So don’t say anything more
Let’s just stay like this

Don’t say anything, just stay like this
Don’t be scared, just stay like this
Quietly, I’m hiding in you

Will you let me lean my head on you, will you caress it?
If you want to protect me, will you only listen to my story?
To me, who has seeped into you?

Now my heart is flowing, just like that
However my heart goes, just like this
Will you hold me? Listen to me? Comfort me?


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