BTS – Outro: Tear

Goodbyes open up to me
Without knowing, blood comes into my eyes
Things I can’t say flow through
Lingering feelings crawl on top of my face
At one point, you were my dear
But now, it’s just bitter, this beer
My heart is stained with self-hate that’s too late
It gets cut even by the passing wind
This goodbye came to me at the end of my play that was only filled with lies Continue reading “BTS – Outro: Tear”


BTS – So What

Somebody call me right one
Somebody call me wrong
I don’t wanna care
How about you?
So what
Let go

So many worries behind that sigh
Stop worrying, you already know
Whenever you wanna give up in the middle of this road
Shout out even louder
So what what what
Nothing goes the way I plan
There’s no where to hide
The dice has already been thrown a long time ago
If you hesitate, you might get swept away, oh bae
All your worries are just part of the swamp of your imagination that you created
Instead of worrying, go, go, don’t be timid, cheer up
Shout out, so what what Continue reading “BTS – So What”

BTS – Anpanman

Waiting for you Anpanman
Waiting for you Anpanman

I don’t have biceps or pecs
I don’t have a super car like Batman
It was my dream to become a hero
But the only thing I can give you is Anpan
I dreamed of a hero like Superman
So I jumped around, bouncing to the sky
Wasn’t scared of getting my kneecaps scratched up
It was my innocent childhood imagination Continue reading “BTS – Anpanman”

BTS – Airplane Pt 2

A strange little boy
He sang like he breathed
It didn’t matter where
He just wanted to do music
Only singing
Was the thing that made his heart race
He only walked on one path but

It’s not easy
Failures and despair
But on a tired day, someone said
You’re a singing star
You’re a singing star
But I see no star
After a few years passed Continue reading “BTS – Airplane Pt 2”

BTS – Magic Shop

I know you’re hesitating
Because even if you tell the truth, it’ll come back as scars
I won’t say clichéd things like “have strength”
I’ll just listen to you, listen

What did I tell you?
I told you you’d overcome
You didn’t believe (really)
Will we be able to overcome?
This miracle, did we make it?
(No) I was always here
You came tome
I do believe your galaxy
I wanna hear your melody
The stars in your Milky Way
How will they appear in your sky?
At the end of my despair
I found you, don’t forget
You’re my last reason
Standing at the edge of a cliff
Live Continue reading “BTS – Magic Shop”