Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Remember (기억할게)

I’ll remember the days we spent together
Please remember, all the days we laughed and cried
If we’re under the same sky and dreaming the same dream
This goodbye won’t be our last
We’ll meet again just like this

We promised we’ll meet again
When the bell rang, we used to run together
Now I’m just sad for the days that won’t ever come again
We were just in the same class but my heart is aching
Now my way to school will become a memory
I know always, you were by my side
Goodbye, thank you Continue reading “Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Remember (기억할게)”


Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Love Clock (시계바늘)

You’re the one I always want to hug
You’re the person who makes me smile just by thinking of you
We started as a small light

Suddenly, only your color reflects in my eyes

You’re engraved on the road of tears that were shed thousands of times

I’ll empty the tears from my eyes and only place you in them

I’ll give back to you, I’ll protect our time Continue reading “Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Love Clock (시계바늘)”

Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Love Letter

When the alarm rings
And I open my eyes, I only look for you
You’re the reason I get lost like a habit
Even if it’s just a moment, it’s OK
I wanna confess to you now

I’m writing my feelings on white paper
Just the feelin
I’m trembling like an earthquake
But I’m concentrating so it doesn’t smudge, don’t ruin it
I’m folding up the letter I wrote so difficultly, rollin
It might be a little poorly written
But my heart that’s filled up to the brim
Is hard to express with words
but i’ve got something, on my mind Continue reading “Hyungsub x Euiwoong – Love Letter”